1 Plus One has over 70 years experience in supply chain management

1 Plus One - "Excellence in Supply Chain Management.."

Newsflash... The iA - Inventory Academy (Global) is close.

What we do...

Supply Chain integrity issues? Performances impacting business?

No stock...wrong stock..too much stock?

If you're not measuring performance outputs of your processes, how can you fix them?

If you are measuring them, are the corrective actions applied, achieving the desired results?

Are you confident that you can meet consumer demand and not loose business to the opposition through 'leakage'?

Is the company culture conducive to change and is your team engaged?

Howis your supply chain positioned in comparison to the global arena?

Supply Chain experts provide solutions, not excuses.

KPI/metric design and training in line with your company's vision.

Real time solutions and follow through.

Your business is our success.

Specialising in warehousing, inventory, purchasing, logistics, process mapping, dashboards, KPI design and reporting, heat mapping and 'fixes'.

Measurement, training and communication are the three core ingredients to Supply Chain success.

The process is transacted through participative workshops and engagement toolbox sessions.

Breaking News !! iA - (Inventory Academy) Global, will be launched late 2018

Excellence in 'all things inventory'

  • Excellence in inputs
  • Excellence in outputs
  • Excellence in measured results

A new era in inventory management training and development.

Specialising in inventory characteristics, data management, analytics and process measurement and next generation supply chain systems requirements


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